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Department of Political Science offers three years’ undergraduate course. It was established in 1967. The department has a three-member faculty whose specialization spreads across different fields of Political Science. The vital priority of the department is to get students up to date with the conceptual and applied crux of the discipline. The course offers a set of skills that are excellent preparation for Public Policymaking, Policy Analysis, International Relations, Diplomacy, Public Administration, and research. The department prepares students for a wide range of careers, who join, non-government organizations, public and private sectors. A good number of students opt for higher studies in prestigious institutions. The discipline of Political Science requires students to understand politics in all its nuances, to probe power relationships that exist in public and personal spaces. Members of the faculty use innovative teaching methods to make learning experiential. Series of public lectures and seminars designed around the course and current affairs are also used by teachers to provide extensive knowledge to the students. Field visits and study trips aid in the teaching-learning process. Extension activities of the department are focused on areas such as spreading awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Indian Constitution, environmental protection, and gender sensitization among college, school students, and the general public.


The Department library has a collection of 1092 books and two journals, E-Journal collections Inflibnet Digital Database Politics Day (Cultural Day) Royal Cup (Volley Ball Tournament)

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Programmes Offered

B.A Political Science (Core) Core I. Methodology and Perspectives of Political Science (PS1CRT01) Core II. Indian Constitution: Institutions and Processes (PS2CRT02) Core III. Issues and Political Processes in Modern India (PS3CRT03) Core IV. Political Thought: Indian Traditions (PS3CRT04) Core V. Introduction to Political Theory (PS4CRT05) Core VI. Political Thought: Western Traditions (PS4CRT0) Core VII. Theories and Principles of Public Administration (PS5CRT07) Core VIII. Environmental Studies and Human Rights (PS5CRT08) Core IX. Methodology of Research in Political Science (PS5CRT0) Core X. Introduction to International Relations (PS5CRT10) Core XI. Comparative Politics (PS6CRT11) Core XII. Society, State and Political Processes in Kerala (PS6CRT12) Core XIII. Issues in International Politics (PS6CRT13) Core XIV. Human Rights (PS6CRT14) Core- Choice Based. India’s Foreign policy (PS6CBT01) Complementary Introduction to Political Science (PS3CMT01) Indian Constitution: Social Issues in India (PS4CMT05) Open Course Contemporary Issues in Indian Politics (PS5OPT01) Certificate Courses: Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (PSCC01) Introduction to Data Analytics (PSCC02)

Academic Excellence

Extension Activities

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights workshop on Human Rights Awareness Programme on Indian Constitution Awareness programme on Gender sensitization
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr. Basil B Mathew Assistant Professor & Head Of The Department 5
2 Dr. Solvin Mathew Assistant Professor 1 Year (Regular Service)
3 Jocelyn Jose Assistant Professor 2 years
4 Jocelyn Jose Assistant Professor 3 years
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
1 Very Rev. P. V. Paulose Cor-Episcopa (L) 1967-1989 0484-2657121
2 Prof. M. A. Kuriakose (L) 1969-1995 --
3 Prof. Thomas John (L) 1968-1997 0484-2555119
4 Prof. Hope Jacob Thomas 1970-1998 9446459953
5 Dr. P.N. Krishnan Namboodiri (L) 1970-1999 0477-2274374
6 Sri. K. V. John 1980-2008 0484-2243957
7 Sri. Babu V. C. 1986-2017 9446741620, 0485-2243957
8 Sri. A.K. Varghese 1989-2016 9446741522
9 Smt. Honey K. Varghese 1997-2018 9447181140
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
1 Women Empowerment Through Gram Sabha UGC 8-9, July, 2010
2 Human Rights-Human Enrichment/Integrated Personality Development & Character Building UGC 6-7 February 2014
3 Kerala: Culture, History and Civil society Dr. Basil B Mathew Canara Bank 14-15 January 2019
4 Association Inauguration & One Day Seminar Media and Politics Dr. Basil B Mathew October 6, 2018
5 Association Inauguration and One Day Seminar , Social Media Issues & Challenges Dr. Basil B Mathew September 25, 2019
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Dr. Basil B Mathew 0 6 0 0 6

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