Water Quality Analysis Campaign -2021

Department of Biotechnology conducted a ‘Water Quality Analysis Campaign’ in Association with IQAC, with the aim of ensuring water safety for all in this ensuing summer on  26th and 27th February, 2021. The program was a part of the Department’s commitment to society to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases. The campaigning was advertised among the social media groups and there was an enthusiastic response from the staff members, students, and local residents.  A total of 31 drinking water samples including water samples from staff members (including Principal), and a few local residents were collected. Postgraduate students of the department helped to sample water aseptically from the wells and to analyze quality parameters. A report of analysis was prepared for each sample that included the result of the tests like coliform count, pH, TDS, salinity, conductivity and organoleptic properties.  A copy of the results was given to each of the participants and rendered help for the restorative methods to maintain a good quality of water.

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