For the past eight years, Blood Donation Forum of St. Peter’s College has acted as the Blood Bank of Kolenchery, providing blood to different hospitals in Ernakulum and Kottayam districts during emergency. The Blood Donation Forum of the College maintains a database of the blood groups of all the volunteers & teachers. Blood Donation Forum of St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery was established in March 2013 under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Thampi Abraham. The forum was officially inaugurated by him on July 2014. Inspired by the universal slogan of Blood Donors, Blood Donation Forum of St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery adopted the MOTTO -‘Give Blood and Save Life’. Dr. K.S Gracy, Asst. Professor, Department of History and Capt. Jayson Thomas were designated as the pioneer coordinators of Blood Donation Forum. In the academic year 2017-18, due to the retirement of Capt. Jayson Thomas the baton was handed over to Lt. Gin Alexander as Joint Coordinator and Dr. K.S Gracy continued as the Coordinator.

The students of the College have always been active participants in the activities of the Forum.  Teachers and non-teaching staff are also active members in the forum. Activities of the Blood Donation Forum comprise Blood Donation Camps, Blood Group Assessment camps, Observation of Blood Donation Day and AIDS day every year. From the establishment of the Forum till date, Blood Donation awareness classes and programs have been conducted yearly without fail.  The Forum encourages and motivates voluntary blood donation among the students and staff of the college. Forum actively arranges and donates blood to the needy patients of MOSC Hospital, Kolenchery, Lissy hospital, Ernakulam, Pashanganad hospital and other nearby hospitals. Kottayam Medical College also was benefited from our donors. The activities of the forum among the Students and staff of the College has led to blood donation have considered as a sacred duty. The motto ‘Give blood and save life’ has now become a routine part of life in the College.

To motivate and train the next generation for the voluntary blood donation.

Promoting humanity by donating blood

Join the revolution of love, Donate Blood, Donate Life

Objectives of Red Ribbon Club

  • To be able to achieve a sustainable and continuous supply of blood for the needy through 100% Voluntary Non-remunerative blood donation by the students
  • To inculcate in the students, confidence, trust and knowledge about blood donation and convert them into regular blood donors.
  • To ensure that each donation by the students is carried out in the safest and best possible manner giving primary importance to donor’s safety and satisfaction.

  • To provide information and guidance on the vital role of voluntary blood donors in assuring the availability of stable and sufficient supplies of safe blood for transfusion
  • To generate awareness, particularly among the young towards the importance of donating blood as a sacred humanitarian service
  • Foster a culture of voluntary blood donation and educate, motivate and recruit new blood donors

  • Build and maintain a safe, sustainable voluntary donor base and Provide quality donor service and care
  • Recognize blood donors’ contribution to society and create an enabling environment for 100% voluntary non-remunerated blood donation

Method of Work

Method of work   of the Blood Donation Forum has evolved out of a series of collaborative activities. The training workshops on developing a voluntary blood donor programme are most useful to create awareness about blood donation in the land. Blood donation camps and blood group assessment camps are also essential to encourage blood donation programmes in the campus. Voluntary blood donation, awareness programmes like street play, cultural programmes etc., inform the society about the need of blood donation.

  • Registration
  • Orientation
  • Blood Group Assessment Camp
  • Voluntary Blood Donation
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Observation of Days ,National Voluntary Blood Donation Day, Blood Donation Day, AIDS Day
  • Awareness classes-
  • Cultural Programmes
  • Extension Programmes
  • Seminars, Classes, Conferences in the campus and in other institutions
  • Pam lets and Posters distribution
  • Valedictory Function

Administrative Set-up


Dr. Gracy K.S
Lt. Gin Alexander

Red Ribbon Club Activities

Year Number of Voluntary Blood Donation Blood Donation Camp
NO. of Blood donors
2014-15 45 40
2015-16 50 40
2016-17 61 40
2017-18 125 40
2018-19 142 40
2019-20 160 40
2020-21 40 No Camp