Music Club

Sangeetika, the Music Club of our college, is a forum that aims at cultivating interest in the fine art of music among students in general and promoting receptivity to quality music. Further, it addresses a class of students who have that special ear for music, and envisions developing and enhancing their ability to appreciate and understand the art and science of music. It wishes to familiarise such music-oriented students with diverse music systems in India and the world. Also, it encourages solo and group participation of students on special occasions and in various competitions by assisting those who sing and play various musical instruments in finding suitable avenues for their creative expression. The Club also ropes in the services of professional musicians whenever possible, in the form of lec-Dems, mini-performances, or interactive sessions, so as to offer students a taste of the professional side of popular and classical music. It believes that such activities, apart from refining the aesthetic sensibility of students, a major concern of any system of education, will also promote richer group work culture among students by ensuring their participation and cooperation on various fora.

Objectives of Music Club

    Administrative Set-up

    Music Club Activities