SPC Cells

College Council

The St. Peter’s College Council consists of the Principal, Head of all Departments and three members elected from the members of the teaching staff other than Head of the Departments.

Shaju Varghese : Principal
Sri. Jain Mathew : HoD, English (Member of College Trust)
Dr.Meena K K : HoD, Hindi
Dr.Sajeen S : HoD, Malayalam
Dr. K P Jose : HoD, Mathematics
Smt. SoumyaKuriakose : HoD, Physics
Sri. Gean A Varghese : HoD, Chemistry
Dr. Abraham Mathew : HoD, Botany
Dr.Susha T.K. : HoD, Zoology
Dr. Gigi Elias : HoD, Economics
Dr.Hema K R : HoD, History
Dr. Basil B Mathew : HoD, Political Science
Dr.Venugopal K V : HoD, Commerce
Sri. Jaimon C. J : HoD, Physical Education
Dr.Sona S Dec : HoD, Biotechnology
Dr.Anat Suman Jose : UGC Librarian
Dr. Jessy James : Elected Nominee
Dr.Arun A U : Elected Nominee
Sri. Binoy Chacko : Office Superintendent