The objective of our research centres is the sustained strengthening of research in fields that are highly relevant to the development of the society and economy. We strive to achieve internationally recognised research, support talented doctoral and postdoc students and to engage in fostering the transfer of knowledge and technology.
St. Peter’s College has at present 3 research departments recognised and affiliated to M.G. University, Kottayam and has been instrumental in producing a number of Ph.Ds. from the various departments along with publications in national and international journals.
1.P.G. and Research Department of Botany
Department Of Botany is established in 2007, the Department is a full-fledged Department conducting Graduate and Postgraduate courses and Research programme. The Department actively serves the society through dissemination of knowledge and training of the younger generation through various courses and offering training in frontier areas of Plant Sciences. Department has a special emphasis on both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches within various branches like Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Tissue Culture. Department has well equipped five research labs and many publications in national and international journals. At present five fulltime research scholars and three part time scholars pursuing research under 3 supervising guides.

2.P.G. and Research Department of Commerce
Starting in 2010, the P.G. and Research Department of Commerce had 32 research scholars under 5 research supervisors. It has the mandate to promote long-term research projects of outstanding quality which have a special emphasis on both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches within the disciplines involved. Our research philosophy is our reflection of why, how and when we develop, disseminate, enhance, and preserve the knowledge of topics that are of interest to society, the academic community, practitioners, and to our students.
The department has submitted more than 25 Ph.D. theses and 20 scholars have been awarded their doctoral degrees. At present, there are 12 active research scholars pursuing research under 3 supervising guides.
The department also publishes a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal ‘Commerce Spectrum’.
Industry Cooperation
In the future, we would try to integrate businesses into an academic setting, where we derive solutions to various business problems in varied areas like finance and investor behaviour, stock market studies, research in marketing and consumer behaviour in the classroom. This aims at giving students an understanding of how to solve industry problems and providing a set of solutions to companies.

3.P.G. and Research Department of Mathematics
The PG and Research Department of Mathematics has a ten-year-long tradition of carrying out research of excellence, spanning a wide range of subjects in Mathematics Sciences like Stochastic modelling, Probability Theory, Reliability Theory, Fuzzy Mathematics, History of Mathematics, etc. The department provides opportunities for the students to choose their careers in education and research in various fields of Mathematics. The department is deeply involved in research and shares the knowledge and transfers it to the academic and industrial sectors through publications, lectures and collaborations.
Our main objective is to create scholarly responsibility among researchers and provide them with an intellectually stimulating environment for focused research. In addition to this, the study phase of the research includes a solid foundation in advanced mathematics to enhance the professional ability of the students. Five scholars have been awarded their degrees from Mahatma Gandhi University. Now there are six scholars pursuing research under two supervising guides. The research programme optimizes the department’s most advanced manifestation of commitment and determination.

4. P.G. and Research Department of Biotechnology

The Postgraduate (PG) and Research Department of Biotechnology plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, advancing scientific knowledge, and driving innovation in the field of biotechnology through its academic programs and research endeavours. The Research Center actively engages in research across diverse areas of biotechnology. This includes both fundamental and applied research aimed at generating new knowledge, developing innovative technologies, and contributing to scientific advancements. The Center often collaborates with industry partners, research institutions, and government agencies to leverage expertise, resources, and funding opportunities. The Center is funded by DST under the Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST).

5. P.G. and Research Department of English

The research centre in English aims at exploring new avenues in the field of Research. Our mission is to promote rigorous research and academic excellence. We strive to provide a supportive environment where scholars can pursue their interests, engage in interdisciplinary dialogue, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

Our centre is rich with extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources ensuring that researchers have access to the latest scholarship. We regularly host workshops, seminars, and guest lectures featuring eminent scholars and experts to facilitate discussions on emerging trends, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks in English studies. We encourage collaborative research initiatives among faculty and students, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation within the academic community.

I. St. Peter’s College, affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University, is an institution with a strong commitment to the free and open pursuit of scholarship. The scholarship is the acquisition, the advancement and the dissemination of knowledge in a methodological and critical manner.
II. To flourish, scholarship must be free from external influences, constraints and ideological pressures. We are committed to unrestricted freedom in research and teaching. Academic freedom calls for a high degree of responsibility, including reflection on the ethical implications of research activities for our society and environment. Work in all disciplines at the College is based on a scholarly inquiry into the realities of our world. The College fosters free dialogue, respects the individual characteristics of the disciplines, and encourages advances in interdisciplinary work.
III. College pursues scholarly research and teaching and envisions the provision of services for the benefit of the public.
IV. The College has eminent scholars as research guides and attracts the best researchers and students, and also promotes research interest among postgraduate and graduate students at all levels of their academics. The students are encouraged to pursue research projects with government and semi-governmental aids/grants and contribute to research publications.
V. The college has constituted a Research Coordination Committee to secure and improve quality in research and regularly monitors and evaluates performance of all its research departments.
VI. The college stands to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology through extension activities, making research and teaching accessible to the society at large.