Principal’s Desk


St. Peter’s College is headed toward empowering the youth and grooming them as individuals disseminating knowledge and goodwill. Our institution works in tune with the new and progressive policies of integrated and holistic learning whereby traditional values and knowledge systems are harmonized with scientific aptitude and temperament. As the head of the institution, I am gratified to be leading a proactive team committed to making this institution a center of excellence. The campus looks forward to young and dynamic minds, willing to go the extra mile in perfecting themselves and the spaces they are in.

As the need for technology-aided education has risen, the College has equipped itself with advanced digital learning platforms to ensure an uninterrupted teaching/ learning experience. The campus provides endless opportunities for community engagement and service enabling students to engage fruitfully with the world outside. I am glad to say that the numerous clubs and cells of the College cater to the emotional, creative, and intellectual needs of the students and nurture their varied potentials. Students are encouraged to be enterprising, self-reliant, and at the same time sensitive to nature and its beings.

I am sure that the aspiring learners who enter the portals of this institution will find themselves transformed into empowered individuals capable of making their mark wherever they go.