About IQAC

The IQAC being the academic facilitator is constituted on the recommendations of the NAAC. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institution. The committee meets at the beginning of the academic year and discusses and explores the possibilities for the improvement of the college towards academic excellence. The IQAC made a significant and meaningful contribution in the post-accreditation phase of the College.

Main Functions of the IQAC

  • IQAC oversees the periodical reviews of teaching learning process in every academic year and a meticulous evaluation is carried out to suggest apt recommendations for improvement of all stakeholders.
  • IQAC is instrumental in the creation of a learner centric environment in the college to augment quality education in higher studies.
  • IQAC coordinates teaching, research, extension and consultancy programmes to realise the vision and mission of the institution.
  • The cell arranges orientation programmes to enhance the personal and professional quality of teachers.
  • IQAC motivates the teachers to apply for research projects and to approach different funding agencies to undertake new ventures in innovative fields for the development of the society.
  • Self-appraisal of the teachers is being prepared under the initiative of IQAC to enable teachers to identify their strengths and requirements for improvement.
  • The IQAC fulfils the responsibility of time bound preparation and submission of AQAR every year.


1 NAAC Coordinator Mr. Jain Mathew N
2 NAAC Assistant Coordinator Dr Sona S Dev
3 NAAC Advisor Dr. Helaney M Y

NAAC Core Committee

1 Chairperson                                                    Dr. Shaju Varghese
2 NAAC Coordinator                                     Mr. Jain Mathew N
3 IQAC   Coordinator                                       Mr. Gean A Varghese
4 AQAR Coordinators                                   Dr. Meena K K
Dr. Jessy James
5 NAAC Assistant Coordinator                Dr. Sona S Dev


1 Chairperson Dr. Shaju Varghese
2 Teacher representatives Dr. Meena K.K
Dr. Jessy James
Dr. Jose K.P
Dr. Abraham Mathew
Dr. Jini Joseph
Dr. Sreeja Sukumar K
Dr. Basil B Mathew
Sri. Eldho Kuriakose
3 Senior Administrative Officer Mr. Benoy Chacko
4 Member from Management Mr. Babu Paul
5 Nominees from local society,Alumni Representative Mr. Jojy Eloor
6 Nominees from local society, Student Representative Ms. Malavika M Nair
7 Nominee from Employers /Industrialists/stakeholders Mr. Jacob Joy
8 Coordinator of the IQAC Mr. Gean A Varghese

TEACHERS LIST & Accreditation Duties

Sl. No. NAME DEPARTMENT Duty Remarks Signature
1 Dr. Shaju Varghese Principal Chairman -IQAC
CRITERIA 1 Curricular Aspects
2 Dr. Sheela P.V. Hindi Criteria 1 Chairperson  
3 Dr. Anu V. Mathematics Criteria 1 Convenor  
4 Smt. Anila Varghese History Criteria 1 Joint convenor  
5 Smt. Teena P. Varghese Chemistry Criteria 1 PTA  
6 Dr. Jaya Paul Mathematics Criteria 1    
7 Smt Lincy Thomas Commerce(SF) Criteria 1    
8 Smt. Sneha M Kuriakose Computer Science Criteria 1    
CRITERIA 2 Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
9 Sri. Abraham Mathew Botany Criteria 2 Chairperson  
10 Dr. Sonia James English Criteria 2 Convenor  
11 Dr. Salini S. Nair Mathematics Criteria 2 Joint convenor  
12 Dr. Hema K R History Criteria 2    
13 Dr. Jini Joseph Bio-Technology Criteria 2 IQAC Representative NPTEL, Women’s Cell  
14 Dr. Sindhu Issac Chemistry Criteria 2    
15 Smt. Merin C Kuriakose Statistics Criteria 2    
16 Smt. Rekha S Nair Chemistry(SF) Criteria 2    
17 Smt. Deepa M.M Commerce(SF) Criteria 2    
18 Dr. Vinoj M N Physics Criteria 2    
CRITERIA 3 Research, Innovations and Extension
19 Dr. Geetha K.A. Hindi Criteria 3 Chairperson, Equal Opportunity cell  
20 Dr. Gracy K.S History Criteria 3 Convenor, UBA  
21 Dr. Sreeja Sukumar K. Commerce Criteria 3 Joint convenor  
22 Smt. Elsa Sunny M History Criteria 3    
23 Dr. Solvin Mathew Political Science Criteria 3 MOOC  
24 Smt. Ambily T. Chacko Commerce Criteria 3    
25 Smt. Asha Paul Chemistry Criteria 3    
26 Dr. Bincy Baby Commerce(SF) Criteria 3    
CRITERIA 4 Infrastructure a nd Learning Resources
27 Dr. Shibu P V English Criteria 4 Chairperson , Anti-Ragging Cell  
28 Dr. Anat Suman Jose Librarian Criteria 4 Convenor, SAP  
29 Dr. Ceby George Physical Education Criteria 4 Joint convenor  
30 Ms. Krishna Raju M. Malayalam Criteria 4    
31 Smt. Asha D. Varghese Library Science Criteria 4    
32 Sri. Jillmon Joseph Tourism Studies Criteria 4    
33 Smt. Sumy Kurian Tourism Studies Criteria 4    
34 Ms. Reshma Prakash Chemistry(SF) Criteria 4    
35 Sri. Santhosh K.N. Library Science Criteria 4    
36 Smt. Nimmy K Abraham Commerce(SF) Criteria 4    
Criteria 5 Student Support and Progression
37 Dr. Beena Pylee Hindi Criteria 5 Chairperson, Anti Sexual Harassment Cell  
38 Smt. Kanmony Varghese Commerce Criteria 5 Convenor  
39 Smt. Soumya Kuriakose Physics Criteria 5 IQAC Representative  
40 Dr. Vimal Mohan Botany Criteria 5 Joint Convenor, Cr.G , Placement Cell & Anti Narcotic Cell  
41 Dr. Sudha .K Bio-Technology Criteria 5    
42 Dr. Teena Thomas Chemistry Criteria 5 NSS  
43 Sri. Jesto Thankachan English Criteria 5    
44 Smt. Surya Sundharan Commerce(SF) Criteria 5    
45 Smt. Silpa Paul Tourism Studies Criteria 5    
46 Smt. Reneeshabi P A Computer Science Criteria 5    
47 Sri Sreenivasan K Malayalam Criteria 5    
CRITERIA 6 Governance, Leadership and Management
48 Dr. Jinu George English Criteria 6 Chairperson, Tutorial system  
49 Dr. Dileesh S. Chemistry Criteria 6 Convenor, PTA  
50 Smt. Nayomi Rajan English Criteria 6 Joint Convenor  
51 Smt. Ligi Lambert D’ Rosario Bio-Technology Criteria 6    
52 Smt. Remya G. Nair Botany Criteria 6 Women’s cell  
53 Dr. Bincy Dominic Malayalam Criteria 6    
54 Ms. Jocelyn Political Science Criteria 6    
55 Dr.Soumya George Mathematics Criteria 6    
56 Sri. Eldho Kuriakose Commerce(SF) Criteria 6 IQAC Representative  
57 Smt . Angel Lisa M. Commerce(SF) Criteria 6    
58 Smt. Reethumol V N Chemistry (SF) Criteria 6    
59 Sri. Irfan Ali K E Physics Criteria 6    
CRITERIA 7 Institutional Values and Best Practices
60 Dr. Venugopalan K.V. Commerce Criteria 7 Chairperson, Department Financial Auditing  
61 Dr. T.K.Susha Zoology Criteria 7 Convenor  
62 Dr. Bindumol B. Malayalam Criteria 7 Joint Convenor  
63 Sri. Madhu V English Criteria 7    
64 Dr. Sindu N Botany Criteria 7    
65 Mr. Gin Alexander Botany Criteria 7    
66 Mrs. Divya Rajan Physics Criteria 7    
67 Dr. Basil B. Mathew Political Science Criteria 7 IQAC Representative  
68 Dr. Athira V Rajan ZOOLOGY Criteria 7    
69 Dr. Rini Joseph ZOOLOGY Criteria 7    
70 Smt Sandra Jayaraj COMMERCE (SF) Criteria 7    
71 Smt. Reshma Mathew COMMERCE (SF) Criteria 7    
72 Smt. Suparna S COMMERCE (SF) Criteria 7    
73 Sri Jaimon C J Physical Education Criteria 7