Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

The college has been providing an array of services to its student and employee community and the significant one among them is an effective and efficient grievance redressal system. An accessible and responsive GRM (Grievance Redress Mechanism) makes the college more accountable and student-friendly. The empowered student community of today is far more demanding and the college provides them with quality services in an efficient manner. The Grievance Redressal Cell works to realize the primary needs of the students and staff and to secure civil liberties for everybody.


Everybody has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and a right to a safe and healthy work environment. Sexual harassment is a violation of an individual’s right to work and live with dignity. St. Peter’s College is committed to providing a place of work and study that is free of sexual harassment. Instances of sexual harassment will be taken seriously and disciplinary action will be taken according to the nature and gravity of the reported incident. The College will respect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals reporting sexual harassment and the accused to the maximum extent possible. Care will be taken to see that complainant, witness, and the accused does not face victimization and discrimination during the process of enquiry. Intentionally providing false information is a ground for disciplinary action. All members of St. Peter’s College students, teaching faculty, administrative staff, who are on active rolls will come under the purview of this policy.


  1. Student Grievance Cell
  2. Employee Grievance Cell

Administrative Set Up

  1. Dr. Beena Pylee, Associate Professor, Dept. Hindi
  2. Ms. Anila Varghese. Assistant Professor, Dept. History
  3. Dr. Bincy Baby, Assistant Professor, Dept. B.Com (Self)