Department of Chemistry

The Department offers a three-year undergraduate course in Chemistry, strictly adhering to the national curriculum developed by UGC and the syllabus designed by Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. Chemistry education at St. Peter’s is intended to produce graduates of the highest calibre, who will be capable of pursuing a career in the chemical sciences or allied fields. Our programme covers basic courses in Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry along with cutting-edge courses in Nanotechnology, Environmental Studies and Human Rights. Our hands-on training sessions provide a high level of practical experience, designed to develop the applied, diagnostic and theoretical skills required to work in the sector.
The Department of Chemistry was established in 1964 under the patronage of Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Joy (PhD from Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany) with Pre Degree Batches. The Department was raised to the graduate level in 1967 when the University of Kerala sanctioned the BSc Chemistry programme. The Department is scaling new heights with the teaching and guidance of six skilful faculty members who are either eminent researchers or university rank holders of which two are research guides. An average of 70% of students who progress to higher education endorse the quality of education imparted by the department in the field of Chemical Sciences. We believe in the overall development, encouraging ambitious students with opportunities for critical thinking and practical exposure to prepare them for other rewarding professional careers. We care for our weak students by providing remedial coaching and facilitating advanced learners with add-on coaching initiatives for competitive examinations. The Department offers a certificate course in ‘Yoga and Nutrition’. Our students are able to secure admissions to reputed institutes in India and abroad and the aspiring graduates are well prepared to progress toward academic programmes in Chemical Sciences and to directly pursue careers in the pharmaceutical industry, natural products industry, chemical industry, education, administration, service sector etc.


  • Our well-equipped and spacious laboratory is one among the best undergraduate chemistry laboratories in Kerala. Our Instrumentation facility includes UV-Visible spectrometer, Continuous high intensity UV cure facility, Flame photometer, polarimeter, vacuum oven, pH meter etc.
  • A department library is maintained to provide immediate references to students. It has a collection of 300 highly sought chemistry books. It also has a book bank of course specific text books and a separate section for competitive examinations. Our Library has got a model question bank and a good collection of previous question papers. High speed Internet facility is provided for staff and students.
  • Oue department houses a good collection of crystal structures, molecular models and Chemistry education videos. Smart class room with a state of art interactive flat panel is provided for our students.