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Department of Hindi

Hindi has remained a second language in the curriculum since the College was founded in 1964. The B.A. Hindi Language and Literature Model II Functional Hindi was introduced in 1999. This course covers basic computer applications, translation, DTP, etc., in addition to literature, and provides students with extensive employment opportunities in the above areas. All faculty members in the department hold doctoral degrees. One faculty is also a research guide of Mahatma Gandhi University with 6 research fellows. The department has a good library and computer laboratory. The department also offers a certificate course in communicative Hindi, applied grammar, and translation. A communicative Hindi club is formed to develop the communication skills of the students. A two-day national seminar and a one-day international seminar, attended by 36 speakers from eminent universities in India and abroad, is a landmark among the department's events. Since 1999, there has also been a literary club, RASHTRABHASHA SAHITYA SANGH, which promotes literary activities among students and faculty. During the current academic year (2021-22), 24 national webinars were conducted by the RASHTRABHASHA SAHITYA SANGH, which featured renowned faculty members from prestigious universities across India as speakers and gave our students and faculty the opportunity to discuss with them. All these activities have contributed to almost all of our students achieving top ranks in universities and getting admitted to their higher studies. The department runs a YouTube channel, 'Department of Hindi, St. Peter's College, Kolenchery', where all the videos of the seminars and webinars are uploaded. (https://youtu.be/cSaWhcHR9-Q)