Department of Hindi

The Hindi department at this college has a rich history since its introduction as a second language in the curriculum in 1964. In 1999, the B.A. Hindi Language and Literature Model II Functional Hindi was introduced. The department provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes Core Courses, Vocational Courses, Complementary Courses such as Computer, Translation & Journalism, and an Open Course in Film Study. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, the department consistently achieves University ranks every year. It has also organized numerous National Webinars, National and International Seminars, showcasing its dedication to knowledge dissemination. Furthermore, the department has facilitated a study tour to Varanasi, enriching the students’ understanding of Hindi language and culture.

The department has a well-stocked library and computer laboratory to provide students with access to all the necessary resources. Additionally, the department offers a certificate course in communicative Hindi, applied grammar, and translation. A communicative Hindi club is formed to enhance the communication skills of students. The Department of Hindi stands out not only for its academic achievements but also for its accomplishments in sports and cultural activities. The presence of a well-equipped computer lab enhances the students’ learning experience. The department has implemented best practices, including the Maitreya Charity Bank and Aksharashree, which contribute to the overall development of students. Currently, the department boasts a team of five experienced faculty members, with one faculty member serving as a research guide to six research scholars.

The department has a robust alumni network, with former students making notable contributions in various fields. The students themselves are actively engaged in literary activities through their organization, Rashtrabhasha Sahitya Sangh. This organization hosts several events, including Hindi Day and World Hindi Day celebrations, promoting the language and its rich heritage. With a strong foundation and an array of accomplishments, the Department of Hindi continues to foster a vibrant academic and cultural environment. The department runs a YouTube channel, ‘Hindi Kolenchery हिंदी कोलेंचेरी,’ where all the videos of the seminars and webinars are uploaded.

Link to YouTube channel:


National Webinar on Premchand Jayanthi (31/7/2022) – https://youtu.be/IH-X7Q9fddg

National level Webinar – Discussion with Poet Arun Kamal (6/8/2022) – https://youtu.be/w9UNUAsn8wE

National level Webinar – Discussion with Poet Anuj Lugun (12/8/2022) – https://youtu.be/CiquuG1F0K4

National level Webinar – Discussion with Prof. Ashish Tripathi (28/8/2023) – https://youtu.be/ULpLMqdAaRw

National Seminar on 28th October 2022 – Prof Ravi Bhooshan – https://youtu.be/wXPxwMbxMPA

National Level Programme by Roopavani Theatre, Varanasi on 28th December 2022 – https://youtu.be/xcN5d6V6kU4

Send off Function by the Department on 28th December 2022 – https://youtu.be/0XcVSKE2e4I