Research Department of Commerce
Starting in 2010, the P.G. and Research Department of Commerce had 32 research scholars under 5 research supervisors. It has the mandate to promote long-term research projects of outstanding quality which have a special emphasis on both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches within the disciplines involved. Our research philosophy is our reflection of why, how and when we develop, disseminate, enhance, and preserve the knowledge of topics that are of interest to society, the academic community, practitioners, and to our students.
The department has submitted more than 25 Ph.D. theses and 20 scholars have been awarded their doctoral degrees. At present, there are 12 active research scholars pursuing research under 3 supervising guides.
The department also publishes a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal ‘Commerce Spectrum’.
Industry Cooperation
In the future, we would try to integrate businesses into an academic setting, where we derive solutions to various business problems in varied areas like finance and investor behaviour, stock market studies, research in marketing and consumer behaviour in the classroom. This aims at giving students an understanding of how to solve industry problems and providing a set of solutions to companies.