Department of History

The Department of History was established in 1964 and started UG Courses in 1970. Department offers B A History core courses, complementary courses to B.A English,  B.A Economics and B.A Political Science.  Department also offers Introducing Environmental History in the Indian Context as the Open course.  Present strength of students in the department is 121(2022). Four permanent faculty members are also  in the Department. Each academic year department takes initiative to organize various academic and non-academic activities and encourages students to actively participate in all these programs.

Department follows the syllabus prepared by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.  Students get the opportunity to study in depth the significance of an interdisciplinary approach to global issues through the core paper Perspectives and Methodologies in Social Sciences-History.  Students can familiarize themselves with ancient Indian history during the second semester through the core subject Understanding Early India From Hunting Gatherers to land grants. This offers them the opportunity to stride through ancient remnants of Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Lothal, Surkotada Kalibangan etc and understand ancient Indian patterns of society,polity and culture.

Third and Fourth semester Core syllabus give ample space for Kerala history. An important area that is included in the IV semester syllabus is the research methodology. Medieval Indian History, World  History and Freedom Movement are also the other areas that are included  in the History UG Syllabus.

Students also get the opportunity to prepare project works in the area of Local  History.  Generally students exhibit great interest in the preparation of the project work as they get an opportunity for first hand experience itself in the area of research.  Students conduct field visits, find out materials, conduct interviews with local people etc and all these activities help to  enliven the academic lives of students.

Department has an archaeological/heritage museum to its credit.  Annual exhibition of Museum articles is an important activity of the department.