Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the PG & Research Department of Mathematics. Indispensable to the sciences, Mathematics plays a central role in academic life and our department offers the opportunity to explore this fascinating subject.

With the very establishment of St. Peter’s College, Mathematics was recognized as an important discipline and our first faculty Prof. K. K. George joined the institution in the year 1964. The Department of Mathematics came into existence in 1967 along with the elevation of our college from a Junior College to the undergraduate level. With the sincere and dedicated efforts of its founder teachers, the Department was further elevated as a Post Graduate Department in 1984. In 2012, Mahatma Gandhi University recognized our department as an approved research centre in Mathematics. Five scholars have been awarded doctoral degrees till date.  Presently the Department has 6 faculty members with research interests lie in various areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The faculty members are research-oriented and have published several research articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals. They have also presented their work on international platforms as well.

The Department targets to create a solid foundation for the assimilation of mathematical concepts and structures and build mathematical skills like creative, logical and analytical thinking. The goal is to enable students to express mathematical ideas more creatively and to develop their talent whilst making them confident, capable and responsible human beings. Academic activities of the Department apart from teaching and research include activities like organising seminars, conferences, workshops and competitions for the benefit of students. The Research Library of the Department is our proud possession indeed. The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) supports our Library by providing prominent books related to Advanced Mathematics. The Department of Science & Technology of India has selected the Department for the Infrastructure Fund to enhance research facilities under the DST-FIST Programme for a period of five years from 2019.

The department aims to provide students with opportunities to explore areas of mathematics outside the classroom and to enhance inter-student communication and cooperation. There is also a vibrant ‘Mathematics Association’ to promote students’ academic and non-academic interests through self-organized activities.