Research Department of Mathematics
The PG and Research Department of Mathematics has a ten-year-long tradition of carrying out research of excellence, spanning a wide range of subjects in Mathematics Sciences like Stochastic modelling, Probability Theory, Reliability Theory, Fuzzy Mathematics, History of Mathematics, etc. The department provides opportunities for the students to choose their careers in education and research in various fields of Mathematics. The department is deeply involved in research and shares the knowledge and transfers it to the academic and industrial sectors through publications, lectures and collaborations.
Our main objective is to create scholarly responsibility among researchers and provide them with an intellectually stimulating environment for focused research. In addition to this, the study phase of the research includes a solid foundation in advanced mathematics to enhance the professional ability of the students. Five scholars have been awarded their degrees from Mahatma Gandhi University. Now there are six scholars pursuing research under two supervising guides. The research programme optimizes the department’s most advanced manifestation of commitment and determination.