Anti Ragging cell

Anti ragging Cell of the College works in tune with the rules and guidelines issued by the State and Central governments, UGC and MG University. The Cell aims at the prevention of ragging of students inside and outside the campus. As ragging is a serious social evil, the Cell maintains utmost vigilance and takes necessary action to stop and irradicate ragging. The Cell organises awareness classes and seminars to sensitise the stakeholders about this menace. As a safe and secure academic ambience is inevitable for the proper education, the Cell makes sure that students are conscious of their duties and responsibilities in their individual capacities and adopt a decent and dignified behavior in the whole life. Students are encouraged to approach the Cell for the redressal of their grievances like sexual abuse and molestation and physical and mental harassment.

Objectives & Functions

  • To organize awareness programmes on Ragging, its definitions and limits, the psychological and social implications, pertaining law and regulations, etc.
  • To ensure the submission of mandatory anti-ragging affidavits
  • To address related complaints from students


Administrative Set-Up

  1. Dr. Shibu P.V, HoD, Dept. of English 
  2. Dr. Abraham Mathew, HoD, Dept. of Botany 
  3. Ms. Divya Rajan, Dept, of Physics