“My Health, My Right, My Responsibility”: A virtual session

The National Service Scheme Unit 39 of our St Peter’s College, Kolenchery Organised a virtual session titled “My Health, My Right, My Responsibility” on 10th January, 2022, at 07:00PM, through Google Meet Platform.

The program was organised with an aim to share the basics in health, nutrition, style habits and diseases. Our volunteers researched, prepared and took classes themselves on the topic.

It was a different experience for them.

Now, it is a time when people care less about their health and lifestyle- where we have witnessed a great surge in lifestyle diseases.

We presented 3 PowerPoint presentations that showcased the theme of the session. A video was also released prepared by our volunteers regarding the same.

Mr Saji Kumar, Health inspector also graced the session with his presence and provided much needed knowledge about the same.

Overall, the session was effective in promoting the need to preserve a healthy mind and body.

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