Water Quality Assessment Program

A water quality analysis program has been operational as a social outreach activity in the Department of Biotechnology since 2012. Postgraduate students examine the microbiological and physicochemical properties of drinking water at the microbiology laboratory. Within the scope of this program, a quality assessment report is prepared that includes quality characteristics such as coliform count, pH, TDS, salinity, conductivity, and organoleptic qualities, as well as provides ample guidance for maintaining acceptable drinking water quality. Campaigns to address important water quality issues in society are held on a regular basis. Staff members, students, and the general people in the surrounding Panchayats were among those who benefited from this program.

Objectives of Water Quality Assessment Program

  • To render expertise of faculty and students to attend to societal issues namely the safety of drinking water
  • To analyze the coliform count and physicochemical quality parameters of drinking water
  • To provide guidance for remedial measures like chlorination, Potassium permanganate treatment, etc.
  • To educate the public about waterborne diseases, the safety and quality control aspects of drinking water

Administrative Set-up


Dr K. Sudha
Assistant Professor in Microbiology, Department of Biotechnology
Email:[email protected]

Water Quality Assessment Program Activities