Workshop on bio pesticides; Magazine Release; Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education (CUBE) unit

On 30/03/2021, the final year Zoology students conducted a workshop on bio pesticides in Zoology Lab. The students were so dynamic and ardent and put their maximum effort to make the workshop a success. On the same day Zoology Association also organized a valedictory function and released the magazine “Zoospectrum” in the delighted presence of Principal Shaju Varghese. The final year degree students were given a warm farewell meeting with cultural programmes and were presented with gifts.

The students of the Zoology department were always so enthusiastic and showed keen interest on research. To uplift the young scientists in students, Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education (CUBE) unit was formed; a research based students programme by HBCSE. Dr Arun A.U spearheads the programme in Zoology Department. It facilitates model organism culturing and research studies, currently by six members: Sagar Alias, Joel Johnson, Emilo Mary Francis, Ananya Subhash, Aparna Venugopal and Sharika KS. The following organisms were included: Daphnia, Moina, Drosophila, Planaria, Hydra and Earthworm. Many of these have been cultured in home lab conditions during lockdown period.

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