About Library

With the developments in computers, microelectronics, and communication technologies, the behavioral characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly and the library is trying its best to adapt to the technological advancement. Now, the library has become the sustenance of any academic activities of its Parent organization. It has been catering to the needs of our degree & Post Graduate students, Research scholars, Faculty, and staff members of the various departments. The Library is well equipped with modem facilities and both Print and Electronic resources . Library developed an institutional digital repository using open source software D Space ‘PRANAMA’ in order to offer various digital-based Library services to its users.

The Library Block Consists of:-

General reference section, Periodical section. Stack room with lending section. Post Graduate section. Research wing. IT Corner as Internet Browsing Center. We are maintaining a Public Corner for the Public. The Library is open from 9  a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days without any lunch break.

The Library Advisory Committee includes the representatives of teachers and students which will be conducted every year twice and as and when needed. This is the supreme authority of the library.

The College Library stands today with a total covered area of 15000 sq. feet. The Library building is spacious with large reading rooms, stack areas, and space for various other activities with reading carrels.

The Library is automated using Koha open-source software. The OPAC helps the users to search through the vast collection of documents.

Reading Room: The Library reading room has a total seating capacity of 222. The Library is visited by approximately 150 to 250 users every day.


The College Library aims at an Excellent Storehouse of knowledge by providing an easy access to information resources for Technical learning and Research community. It is also committed to user focus services, fairness, and innovation, professional integrity and social responsibility.

Library Collection (print and e-resources): The St. Peter’s College Library is having a wide collection of 46490 Print books (as on March 2022), subscribing about 25+ print Journals,12 Newspapers,35 magazines and providing access to over 5000+ online full- text journals and access to 1, 00,000+ Thesis/Dissertation through DELNET Consortium .Besides, there are 2, 59,500+ e-books, 5 STM E – Journals and 12 e journals of Indian Academy of Science. The collection consists of Books, Back-volumes of Periodicals, Theses, and Conference Proceedings and Audiovisual materials. St. Peter’s College library is committed to user oriented services with innovative practices, professional integrity and social responsibility.


The Library has more than 100 books in the rare book section. These books are useful source of information for study and research. They can be searched using OPAC. Some of these books are rare and not available in any other library. Students from various institutions visit the Library to consult these rare books. Besides these the Library collection contains various Encyclopedias, Gazetteers, Dictionaries and other Reference Books. They are Encyclopedia of science and technology – 15 volumes,History of World -3 vols, Encyclopedia of Britannicca – 23 volumes,IInternational Encyclopedia – 18,World Book -22 volume, Guiness Record – 1984,1990, Encyclopedia of Management -7 volume,American Educator – 14 volume,Columbia Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Natural History – 2 volume,Encyclopedia of Photography – 2 volume,Compton Encyclopedia -20 volume,Oxford English Dictionary – 10 volume,Rigveda Samhitha -13 volume,Fortunes in Formula,India Book Print in 1989,Dictionary of Hermann Gundert, Britannica Atlas published in  1768,Bible Nighandu, Bible Shabda sudhakaram, Kerala Sthalanama Kosham, Gandhi in Cartoons & Atlas of Bible.


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