Programs & Syllabus ( with PO, PSO, CO)

B.Sc. Mathematics, M. Sc. Mathematics & Ph..D. Programme in Mathematics

B.Sc. Mathematics

Core Courses

  • Core I – MM1CRT01: Foundation of Mathematics
  • Core II – MM2CRT01: Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry and Differential Calculus
  • Core III – MM3CRT01: Calculus
  • Core IV – MM4CRT01: Vector Calculus, Theory of Numbers and Laplace Transforms
  • Core V – MM5CRT01: Mathematical Analysis
  • Core VI – MM5CRT02: Differential Equations
  • Core VII – MM5CRT03: Abstract Algebra
  • Core VIII –Human rights and Mathematics for Environmental Studies.
  • Core IX – MM6CRT01: Real Analysis
  • Core X – MM6CRT02: Graph Theory and Metric Spaces
  • Core XI – MM6CRT03: Complex Analysis
  • Core XII – MM6CRT04: Linear Algebra
  • Choice based Core- MM6CBT01: Operations Research

Complementary Courses

  • MM1CMT01: Partial Differentiation, Matrices, Trigonometry and Numerical Methods
  • MM2CMT01:Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
  • MM3CMT01 :Vector Calculus, Analytic Geometry and Abstract Algebra
  • MM4CMT01 : Fourier Series, Laplace Transform and Complex Analysis

Open Course

  • MM5OPT02: Applicable Mathematics 


  • MM6PRT01: Project



M. Sc. Mathematics


  • ME010101 Abstract Algebra Theory
  • ME010102 Linear Algebra Theory
  • ME010103 Basic Topology Theory
  • ME010104 Real Analysis
  • ME010105 Graph Theory
  • ME010201 Advanced Abstract Algebra
  • ME010202 Advanced Topology
  • ME010203 Numerical Analysis with Python
  • ME010204 Complex Analysis
  • ME010205 Measure and Integration
  • ME010301 Advanced Complex Analysis
  • ME010302 Partial Differential Equations
  • ME010303 Multivariate Calculus and Integral Transforms
  • ME010304 Functional Analysis
  • ME010305 Optimization Techniques
  • ME010401 Spectral Theory
  • ME010402 Analytic Number

Elective Courses

  • ME810401 Probability Theory
  • ME810402 Operations Research
  • ME810403 Coding Theory


  • Dissertation
  • Comprehensive Viva



PHD. Programme in Mathematics

  • Stochastic Modelling and Analysis
  • Queuing Theory
  • Inventory Models
  • Reliability Theory
  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • History of Mathematics