Agri Club

Every country should see the engagement of youth in agriculture as a development priority if we are to make it cool for young people. By 2050, the world population will increase to 9.7 billion, and about 50% more food will be required to feed this population, according to the World Bank. Realising the importance of good food for the wholesome development of an individual and knowledge of various adulterations found in food items, a Club was formed in our college to promote organic agriculture.

Objectives of Adventure Club

  • To introduce and promote organic farming and vegetable cultivation among the teachers and students.
  • To increase awareness regarding the significance and possibilities of organic farming among the teachers and students and also in nearby villages.
  • To provide a market for all agricultural products by the teachers and students on the campus.

Administrative Set-up


Teena P Varghese, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of  Chemistry
Dr. Sindhu Issac, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of  Chemistry

Adventure Club Activities